We are Paul and Renate, both born in 1965. In 2001 we sold erverything we had in Holland to leave for traveling.
We spent 4 years in Africa en enjoyed this beautiful continent a lot.
We wanted to stay in Africa and we decided to settle down in Morocco.
We've chosen for Morocco because it's a pretty safe country with good future perpectiefs. The people are great en the climate is nice.
Morocco is close to Europe and for not even 30 euro's you can fly in.
You don't need to take injections for scaring diseases like malaria and .....because here they don't exist.
Morocco is a various country and the traveldistances are acceptable. You can find the sea, the mountains and the dessert within a week. The infrastructure is good and there are many places where you can stay for the night.
When you like off-road-driving there are (still) many possibilities. Many roads are being or going to be tared but, if you, like we, do like off-road-driving, you can still find lots of beautiful tracks in beautiful nature.
In Morocco we've chosen to stay and live in Ozuoud. A little mountainvillage with one of the biggest highlights in Morocco, the waterfall, Cascades d'Ozuoud. The whole year through water is falling down over a distance from 110m.
We bought land a little out of the village, 1 kilometer away from the waterfall.
In about 15 minutes walk in the opposite direction from the falls you'll find the river where, if it is very warm, you can go for swimming.
The land is a bit more than 6000 m2, just big enough for a small camping. We love to camp so we created the campsite of our dreams. We've build terrases for 25 campingspots and 9 rooms.
The name camping Zebra is easy to explain. Our car, a Toyota Hilux, in which we traveld, is, to cover the rust, painted with zebrastripes. During the traveling people knew us as: Paul and Renate in the Zebra.

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Morocco - Atlas Mountains

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Weather forcast Ouzoud


De exact location of Camping Zebra is:
Garmin: N 32.00.351 W 006.43.177
Google Maps: 32.005938 - 6.719545

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